Vehicle registration up 56.2 pct in February

Vehicle registration up 56.2 pct in February

Vehicle registration up 56.2 pct in February

The number of registered vehicles on Turkey’s roads increased 56.2 percent year-on-year in February 2020, the country’s statistics authority revealed on March 30.      

A total of 128,648 first- and second-hand vehicles were registered in the first month of the year, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK).

Motor vehicle registration in the country decreased by 43.8 percent in January since the previous month. 

"The total number of road motor vehicles registered by the end of February was 23,293,489 (nearly 23.3 million)," TÜİK said.

Out of the total vehicles in Turkey, automobiles enjoyed the lion’s share with 60.3 percent of new registrations, and motorcycles accounted for 15.2 percent.

Small trucks came in third at 13.9 percent and tractors followed at 5.9 percent. Trucks represented 2.3 percent of new vehicles, minibuses 1.1 percent, buses 1 percent and special-purpose vehicles 0.3 percent.    

In terms of the distribution of model brands for newly registered cars, Renault recorded 15.6 percent, Fiat, 11.9 percent, Volkswagen 8.3 percent, Toyota 8.1 percent, Peugeot 6.4 percent, Dacia 5.7 percent, Skoda 5 percent, and Honda 4.4 percent. 

The number of vehicles registered in January and February this year stands at 147,675, higher than the 100,511 registered during the corresponding two-month period in 2019.