US soldiers arrive at radar site in Kürecik

US soldiers arrive at radar site in Kürecik

MALATYA - Doğan News Agency
US soldiers arrive at radar site in Kürecik

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A total of 50 U.S. soldiers have arrived at a new NATO radar defense site in the village of Kürecik in the eastern province of Malatya.

The soldiers are currently being housed in hotels, but will move to a 150-apartment residential complex that will be built for them near the radar site. The radar defense site is located in Kürecik, a town 64 kilometers from Malatya’s provincial center.

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Malatya provincial head, Enver Kiraz, said the government was expected to announce the total number of U.S. soldiers that would be stationed at the site. “As local residents, it is our right to know the number of troops that will be stationed here.” He also said there were rumors circulating that three Israeli soldiers would be stationed at the radar site and would allegedly make key decisions there.

“Malatya’s security is in danger. We do not want this radar or U.S. troops here. It is not our job to protect Israel,” Kiraz said.

The opposition Felicity Party’s Malatya provincial head, Mehmet Asiltürk, also criticized the establishment of the radar site in Turkey, saying, “Turkey is being used to protect Israel.” Asiltürk said his party would investigate whether any Israeli soldiers would actually be stationed at the radar site. The site is currently being protected by the 2nd Military Command of the Turkish Army.

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