University buys out bankrupt school chain

University buys out bankrupt school chain

University buys out bankrupt school chain

The sales process of Doğa Koleji, a well-known private school with campuses all across the country which had been grappling with financial troubles, has finally been completed after months-long protests by teachers against the management.

The transfer of the institution to Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) was registered in trade records on Jan. 20.

According to the information published in the records of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the transfer process of Asist Education Institutions, which owns the Doğa Koleji brand, took place on Jan. 19.

Tens of thousands of students studying at Doğa Koleji had been waiting for the ambiguity in the sales process of the institution to cease for a while.

While the Saçaklıoğlu family left the company, only one name got on the management of the company, Serhat Özeren, the chairman of the Board of ITÜ Development Foundation Schools.

Özeren said the moment when the salaries were paid, everyone under the management of İTÜ and Doğa Koleji hugged each other.

“There is no turning back anymore, other remaining salaries will be paid. Academic issues will be discussed, not money,” Özeren said.

Özeren stated that Doğa Koleji teachers should be the teachers of the year due to their patience and sacrifices.

The teachers of Doğa Koleji, who had not been able to receive their salaries for a while, eventually carried out an action to quit.

“The general managers of our banks grabbed the bull by the horn. This is not a company rescue operation, but a restructuring process of Doğa Koleji,” Özeren added.

Doğa Koleji has a total of 129 campuses.

The network has a total of 13,500 employees and 82,000 students.