‘Universities must globalize’

‘Universities must globalize’

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
‘Universities must globalize’

Higher education board head Çetinsaya speaks in Aydın University. AA Photo

Turkish universities’ crucial goal is internationalization, according to the head of the Higher Education Board of Turkey (YÖK). YÖK head Gökhan Çetinsaya said attracting students from different countries was Turkey’s most pressing target.

Çetinsaya also said a new exchange program called “Mevlana” would be launched by Turkey soon, resembling the Erasmus Exchange program.

The new program will include the countries that are not covered by Erasmus and will provide exchange opportunities for students from the rest of the world.

The Mevlana Exchange program will be revealed by YÖK on May 23, he said, and will be based in Turkey. Çetinsaya said the countries located in Turkey’s surrounding region would benefit the most from the program.

“Coordinating this new process [Turkish universities’ internationalization] properly in the new term is one of our most important tasks,” he said.