Unique Bayburt honey registered

Unique Bayburt honey registered

Unique Bayburt honey registered

Traditionally produced natural honey in Turkey’s northeastern Bayburt province has been certified with a geographical indication, marking the first product in the Black Sea city.

The Bayburt honey, which was proven to have a unique aroma and nutritional values, differs from honeys produced in other regions, according to Selçuk Coşkun, an academic from Bayburt University.

Coşkun said that Bayburt honey was subject to an analysis with its brightness, color, fluidity and burning sensation that it left in the throat when tasted.

An application was made by Bayburt University to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for geographical indication upon detecting some specific differences.

Eventually, Bayburt honey was registered as a result of the center’s reviews which lasted for a year.

“Bayburt geography consists of organic soils compared to other regions, so the flora in this geography is very diverse. These features also make important contributions to honey making,” Coşkun added.

More than 100 kinds of honey are produced in the Anatolian geography, which has three different climates and hosts different vegetation.