UK council returns Banksy freezer

UK council returns Banksy freezer

UK council returns Banksy freezer

A chest freezer forming part of a work by British street artist Banksy was returned on Feb. 15 a day its removal by the local council for “health and safety” reasons.

The mural appeared in Margate in southeast England on Tuesday, depicting a 1950s-style housewife with a swollen eye and a missing tooth seemingly shoving her male partner into a real chest freezer.

Despite protests from locals taking pictures of the mural, at the end of a terrace of houses in a rundown part of the seaside town, council workers turned up to throw the freezer into a van.

The local council announced on Feb. 15 however that it had returned the old appliance.“The freezer which council operatives removed from the Banksy installation in Margate has now been made safe,” said a statement from Thanet District Council, which administers Margate.“

It has been returned to its original position at the site of the artwork today.”

The council said it had had to remove the freezer to carry out works to it “for health and safety reasons.”

The council acknowledged that Banksy had raised an important issue in dealing with domestic abuse in his latest work.

It was in touch with the owner of the property to find out what they intended to do to preserve it, it added.

The elusive Banksy posted three images of the work, which he entitled “Valentine’s Day Mascara,” on his Instagram account.

Two of the images were close-ups showing the woman, wearing a blue pinafore and yellow washing-up gloves, smiling but seemingly with a battered face.

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