UEFA backs TFF in rigging inquiry

UEFA backs TFF in rigging inquiry

UEFA backs the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) as the national governing body of the game is mulling possible sanctions regarding the match-fixing case.

UEFA, European football’s governing body, released a statement late Jan. 5 saying that the TFF is “fully responsible for managing issues related to match-fixing in Turkey and in charge of taking appropriate measures to combat it.”

Last month, the TFF has set a date for an emergency meeting for discussing the 58th article of the Disciplinary Code, which states any team “manipulates or even attempts to manipulate games will be relegated.”

A total of 93 club officials, players and coaches are listed as suspects as part of the match-fixing case, in which eight clubs are involved.

UEFA said that it will not intervene in the TFF, but drew the line where it can be involved.
“Fully respectful of the independence and autonomy of the national associations, UEFA cannot interfere with national internal matters,” it said. “UEFA can of course and upon request, offer an advisory and supportive role, as long as it preserves the autonomy of the decision process. UEFA intervenes specifically when match-fixing issues directly affect any of the competitions run at European level, but of course follows developments across Europe.”