Uber ceases operations in Colombia

Uber ceases operations in Colombia

Uber ceases operations in Colombia

Uber announced on Jan. 11 it will cease operations in Colombia beginning Feb. 1.

The decision comes after the Colombian Superintendence of Industry and Trade ordered the platform last month to stop engaging in unfair competition practices.

“The company considers this is an arbitrary decision, as it goes against the Colombian legal system, violating due process and constitutional rights,” Uber said.

The company appealed the ruling and claimed it is exercising “all legal resources to defend the right of 2 million users to choose how they move around cities and the opportunity for 88,000 registered driving partners to generate additional earnings for their families' livelihoods.”

In the face of criticism, the Ministry of Transportation claimed it is not against technological advancement, and said it must protect the life of users and the provision of transportation services as regulated under Colombian law.

In response to the ruling, Uber is planning to file a lawsuit against the Colombian government for violating the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

Despite the announcement, the decision did not include Uber Eats home delivery service, which will continue to operate normally.

Colombia is the first country in Latin America to ban the platform.

Meanwhile, hundreds of pirate taxi stations have mushroomed across Istanbul, especially after Uber was banned, the chamber of taxi merchants has said.

Thousands of pirate taxis operate across Istanbul
Thousands of pirate taxis operate across Istanbul

“We behaved very aggressively about Uber. When we sued them, everybody learned about the Uber services. It was us, the protesting taxi drivers, who promoted Uber,” said Yahya Uğur, former head of the Istanbul Taxi Drivers Tradesmen’s Association (İTEO).

On Oct. 16, 2019, a court in Istanbul decided that Uber services amount to unfair competition, thus should be banned totally.

The ride-hailing company had decided to stop its minivan services in Istanbul to ease tensions with taxi drivers in the months-long dispute.

The Uber is a “closed debate” for Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had said on May 24, 2019.