Turks mark World Animal Day

Turks mark World Animal Day

Turks mark World Animal Day

Turkish people have marked World Animal Day with a string of events and messages to celebrate humanity’s coexistence with animals, while non-governmental organizations have called on officials to increase their efforts for animal protection.

“Today, it is very important to remember that not only animals that our eyes see, but also all animals on earth have the right to life,” the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association said in a message.

While praising the change made in the animal protection law in the past months, the association stated that it was appropriate to make an additional regulation in a short time in order to implement more inclusive and deterrent measures.

Many municipalities and local authorities around the country celebrated the day by sharing photos of stray animals that they were looking after.

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu shared a message, saying, “this city is all of us” on Twitter by including a work of graphic artist Yasin Yaman.

The work includes the sounds and images of stray cats, seagulls and squirrels identified with Istanbul.

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