Türkiye uses all its capacity tackling quake disaster: Ministers

Türkiye uses all its capacity tackling quake disaster: Ministers

Türkiye uses all its capacity tackling quake disaster: Ministers

Türkiye has been using all its capacity in responding to the devastating earthquakes and healing the wounds of the millions of victims in 11 provinces in the southeastern Anatolian region, three ministers from the government have said, informing about preparations for the biggest post-disaster housing campaign.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu briefed the media about ongoing works in the quake-hit region in Adıyaman on Feb. 23.

The government and all the institutions exerted great effort to reach out to all the provinces hit by the earthquakes on Feb. 6 despite all the bad conditions, including freezing winter, Soylu said, repeating that no other country in the world alone can handle such a disaster caused by five massive earthquakes.

“Türkiye, with its people and state, is exerting great effort to repair the damage of this disaster,” he said, informing that almost all the cabinet members and senior bureaucrats continue to be present in the field since Feb. 6.

In Adıyaman, conditions are improving in terms of supplying water, electricity and natural gas as well as security, the minister stressed, “Our state has shown a strong will for providing security and no other problem has been witnessed. We have also realized our plans for building container cities. We are also working on how we can improve these conditions in the cities and villages.”

“We are here with all the capacity of our country. We will not leave here until everyone returns to his or her home and the traces of the earthquake is fully erased. We have a responsibility, and we believe we will accomplish it,” he suggested.

Minister Kurum, for his part, informed that the ministers and other officials came together in Adıyaman to work on plans for the reconstruction of the city while recovering the damage of the people.

“We will build permanent houses in one year as we promised. In Adıyaman, 20,980 buildings will urgently be demolished while 164,321 buildings are severely damaged,” he informed, stressing the plans for new residential areas are made in line with protecting the culture of the city.

“We have now launched the biggest post-disaster housing campaign in the history of our republic. Our understanding is to build earthquake-proof houses,” Kurum maintained, noting around 200,000 buildings will be erected.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Karaismailoğlu stressed that the government is working intensely to respond the disaster.

The need for tents is met and 73 percent of the tents are now occupied by the survivors, he informed, “As of tomorrow, life in container cities will begin [in Adıyaman]. We will build additional places as well,” he said. “We cannot bring back our losses, but we will turn these places into livable cities. We will not abandon here until we set the order back,” added the minister.