Türkiye says evacuations from Sudan completed

Türkiye says evacuations from Sudan completed

Türkiye says evacuations from Sudan completed

The Foreign Ministry announced on May 1 that it has finished evacuating its citizens from Sudan.

Over 1,700 Turkish citizens and around 300 nationals from 22 other countries have been evacuated since April 23, the ministry said, noting that evacuation requests from Turkish citizens staying in Sudan will be evaluated separately.

The clashes between the Army and Rapid Support Forces in the Republic of Sudan since April 15 are of concern, the statement said, noting that despite all international initiatives, Ankara is concerned about the continuing conflict and the increase in civilian casualties.

Turkish authorities have been in close contact with their Sudanese counterparts since the beginning of the events and called for restraint and a ceasefire, the ministry said.

Türkiye also implements various initiatives for the resolution of the issue on a peaceful basis and mobilizes all kinds of diplomatic means to prevent further bloodshed in Sudan, the statement read.

“We continue to work on the exchange of personnel of Nyala Sudan-Türkiye Training and Research Hospital, which is jointly operated by our Health Ministry in Sudan,” it added.

The ministry said Ankara would like to express its gratitude to all countries that contributed to its evacuation operations, especially Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.