Türkiye postpones Antalya Diplomacy Forum

Türkiye postpones Antalya Diplomacy Forum

Türkiye postpones Antalya Diplomacy Forum

The Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF) has been postponed to the last quarter of the year due to the massive earthquakes that rattled southern Türkiye.

A written statement made on the ADF’s Twitter account on Feb. 16 said that this year’s meeting of the forum, “which has become an effective platform that promotes peaceful dialogue and comprehensively discusses global and regional issues in a short time,” has been scheduled for March 10-12 with the topic of the “Effective Diplomacy for Peace and Order.”

The ADF thanked the world leaders, foreign ministers, experts, diplomats and academics who have confirmed their participation in ADF2023 so far.

In the statement, it was emphasized that two earthquakes hit Türkiye on Feb. 6. “Although intense efforts for search and rescue activities and humanitarian aid continue with the help of our friends all over the world, it is obvious that the impact of the disaster is huge and will be felt for a long time,” the statement said.

“Now is the time for Türkiye to help those affected by the disaster and rebuild the region. As such, under the current circumstances, it has become necessary to postpone ADF2023 to the last quarter of this year,” said the ADF.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our friends who have not withheld their support for our country during this difficult period,” it added.