Türkiye, Greece agree to further improve ties through positive agenda

Türkiye, Greece agree to further improve ties through positive agenda

Türkiye, Greece agree to further improve ties through positive agenda

Türkiye and Greece have agreed to further move on the “positive agenda” items in bilateral relations after the fourth round of discussions on the Joint Action Plan.

The deputy foreign ministers of Türkiye and Greece, Burak Akçapar and Konstantinos Fragkogiannis respectively, held a meeting on March 22 in the context of the Positive Agenda dialogue between Ankara and Athens focusing on the economic and trade sectors.

“A detailed update was made on the progress achieved over the 25 topics of the Positive Agenda list, such as the cooperation and enhancement in the fields of entrepreneurship, tourism, energy, transport and telecommunications, maritime affairs, ICT, education, social security, health, and the environment. It was noted that many items have been successfully concluded,” said a statement by the Foreign Ministry.

“Satisfactory progress has been achieved on several other items on the list,” it said.

The meeting set the framework for the finalization of the relevant agreements that could be signed during the next high-level meeting, said the ministry.

Given the significant progress made in this active and ongoing process, the two sides have agreed to explore additional items of cooperation in the context of the Positive Agenda, read the statement.

Türkiye and Greece are at odds over some differences in the Aegean Sea, including territorial waters, airspace and other disputed matters. Ankara also accuses Athens of continued violation of 1923 and 1947 treaties that stipulate demilitarized status to the Greek islands in proximity to the Turkish mainland.

Despite a history of rivalry that goes back centuries and the strained ties in the past few years over the clash of interests in the Mediterranean, the two neighbors have stepped up for solidarity over deadly incidents in the past two months.

Greece was among the first European countries to send rescue workers and humanitarian aid on Feb. 6, a few hours after the massive earthquakes in southern Turkish provinces. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias paid a visit to Türkiye in a show of support after the quakes.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on March 1 extended his condolences to Greece over a deadly train crash that has claimed at least 42 lives. Erdoğan sent a message to Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

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