Türkiye eyes European visitors as energy crisis bites

Türkiye eyes European visitors as energy crisis bites

Türkiye eyes European visitors as energy crisis bites

Turkish hoteliers are hopeful that the country may continue to attract visitors from Europe in the coming months as the energy crisis there could lure people to spend their winters in warmer destinations.

This could be the busiest winter season in the past three years, according to people from the industry.

Tourist inflows will be strong during the winter months, not only due to Europe’s energy crisis but also because of the Christmas holiday, they said, noting that they also expect more visitors from Iran.

“Since 2014, we have been working on plans to extend the tourism season into the winter months, seeking to attract tourists through November to April. The latest figures and developments in Europe suggest that we are going to have a busy winter season,” said Erkan Yağcı, the chair of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Investors’ Association (AKTOB).

Germany, the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia will be the major markets on the tourism industry’s radar this winter, according to Yağcı.

Early reservations show that November will be very busy, and this is particularly the case for European and the U.K. markets, he said, adding that congress tourism is also gaining momentum.

It is difficult to assess the effects of the energy crisis in Europe, said Ferit Turgut from the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB). But he agreed that this would be the busiest winter season in the past three years.

People from northern European countries are expected to vacation in Türkiye this winter, according to Turgut.

“We are preparing for the best winter season ever. Antalya will be a favorite destination. This winter, Türkiye will host a large number of visitors from Europe,” said Ülkay Atmaca, chair of the Professional Hotel Managers’ Association (POYD), adding that numbers for November look good.

Meanwhile, German retailer Lidl is selling all-inclusive holiday packages for Türkiye. The price of the 22-day package is 599 euros, including flights between Germany and Türkiye. It also offers other alternatives such as hotels for 30 euros per person for a two-day stay or 899 euros per person for a seven-day stay.

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