Türkiye continues efforts for grain corridor deal

Türkiye continues efforts for grain corridor deal

Türkiye continues efforts for grain corridor deal

Türkiye is continuing efforts for a deal between Russia and Ukraine for the creation of secure food corridors through the Black Sea, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has said, hinting that another meeting in Istanbul this week is possible.

“A deal on the general terms of a plan for the shipment of wheat and food products is reached. We are exerting efforts to turn it into a concrete execution plan,” Akar was quoted as saying by the Demirören News Agency on July 19.

Akar said the officials from Türkiye, Russia, Ukraine and the U.N. can hold another meeting this week in order to conclude technical works. Following the conclusion of these talks, the deal is expected to be signed by the two warring sides.

The minister recalled that the parties met in Istanbul last week and agreed to establish a joint coordination center in Istanbul. They also discussed other technical aspects of the food corridor, including joint inspection of the cargo of the ships and providing maritime security.

One of the largest grain producers, Ukraine cannot export its millions of tons of wheat to the world markets due to the ongoing war with Russia. The U.N. urged that a food crisis can erupt mainly in African countries that are dependent on the imported grain.

Türkiye has long been mediating to resolve the differences between the two warring sides and offering assistance for the transport of the grain to the world markets.

1,980 officers expelled from the army

Akar also underlined Türkiye’s determination in fighting all terrorist organizations, including the FETÖ whose attempt to overthrow the government in 2019 was thwarted. “Our fight against the FETÖ continues with the same seriousness, caution and sensitivity since July 16, 2016,” he said, informing that some 1,980 officers were expelled from the army in the past year.