Türkiye aims to lead in coming era, says Erdoğan

Türkiye aims to lead in coming era, says Erdoğan

Türkiye aims to lead in coming era, says Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has outlined Türkiye's ambitions to become a leading nation in the forthcoming era.

"In this period when the footsteps of a new era begin to resonate more strongly," Türkiye is basing its plans on becoming one of the leading countries in the future era, he said during his address at the 10th World Turkish Business Council Congress held at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul on Sept. 15.

Erdoğan reflected on pivotal moments in human history, highlighting how events such as the World Wars had reshaped societies and nations, serving as the cornerstones for significant historical transformations, including the French Revolution.

The president argued that the global status quo established after these wars was no longer tenable.

Erdoğan underlined the importance of unity and collaboration among Turkic nations, emphasizing the potential for collective action to secure their desired position in the evolving world order. He conveyed his belief that a united approach would enable these nations to navigate the challenges of the emerging era effectively.

"The Turkic world is experiencing a new awakening, with its commitment to innovation, resilient social fabric and forward-thinking institutions," Erdoğan stated.

In addition to his call for cooperation among Turkic states, Erdoğan also urged unity within the Turkish diaspora. He stressed the ongoing efforts to strengthen cultural, historical, economic, social and political ties among Turkish communities worldwide, with the aim of ushering in a new era both in Türkiye and within the diaspora.

Recognizing the need for improvement in the diaspora's political influence, Erdoğan voiced his determination to overcome historical divisions and challenges. He called for a united Turkish world where "centuries-old divides and pains could be put to rest," fostering solidarity among all members of the Turkish community.

"We have witnessed weaker diasporas achieving greater political strength than us. Leaving the field empty is an invitation to various disruptive elements, from terrorist organizations to external influences," Erdoğan remarked.

Turning his attention to the economy, Erdoğan expressed optimism about the progress.

"We are going through a period in which we are leaving the problems experienced in the Turkish economy behind, step by step. Every distance we make towards growing our country through investment, employment, exports, production and current account surplus is a new breath for our business world," he stated.