Turkish vice president feels faint on live screen due to low blood pressure

Turkish vice president feels faint on live screen due to low blood pressure

Turkish vice president feels faint on live screen due to low blood pressure

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay felt faint due to what doctors said stemmed from low blood pressure during a live speech broadcast on national television channels on Dec. 21.

Speaking during the Cyber Security Summit in the presidential complex in capital Ankara, Oktay was seen to have frozen in the middle of his speech.

Oktay’s security personnel immediately came near him, as he was seen not moving his arms or head, with also having troubles articulating his speech.

He was then referred to a medical center in the complex. Doctors in the center said his blood pressure dropped due to “sleeplessness and tiredness.”

After receiving immediate medical care, Oktay came back to the hall where the summit was being held and saluted the audience.

“Thank you again for your understanding. According to what our doctors said, there has been a little weakness due to sleeplessness and fatigue,” he said, resuming his speech.

Turkey to protect national data with national cyber defense system

Before his minor health issue, Oktay said Turkey would develop its digital fortress and defend the national data with a nationally developed cybersecurity defense system while vowing that they would zero the county’s dependence on the foreign cybersecurity area.

“Turkey’s data will stay in Turkey. We will not hand over the key of our confidential data to foreigners. Turkey’s data will be protected by nationally and locally developed security walls,” Oktay told the summit.

Turkey will improve its cybersecurity ecosystem just like it did with the national defense industry and will stand tall in the field of digital security, Oktay stated. “Our success story will continue to be written by Turkish engineers. We will develop a smarter system by using national resources in a bid to repel digital attacks.”

Oktay vowed that Turkey would zero its dependence on foreign technology in the field of cybersecurity by investing in artificial intelligence, big data, data security and quantum technologies.

“We will never purchase any product or software from abroad that we can develop, design and produce as a result of coordination between the stakeholders,” he stated.

Oktay informed that the government has intensified its efforts against cyber-attacks and has formed rapid reaction teams in the critically important institutions.

“Today, the number of registered cybersecurity experts have reached 4,700.”