Turkish university students in probe to be barred

Turkish university students in probe to be barred

Turkish university students in probe to be barred

Head of the Higher Education Board (YÖK) Gökhan Çetinsaya is seen. AA photo

Amid ongoing public debate over the government’s intention to intrude in the private lives of university students, new amendments to the Higher Education Board (YÖK) regulations will give university students new headaches as students will be suspended from the university during a legal probe.

University students may be barred from appearing at university buildings if a legal probe is launched against them, according to a recent amendment of YÖK regulations published yesterday in the Official Gazette.

“Investigators can demand to bar students who are subject to investigation from entering buildings of higher education institutions during the investigation,” read the regulations added to YÖK.

Political acts targeted

In an apparent move to prevent political propaganda on university campuses, distributing leaflets without the permission of university administration has been included into disciplinary actions such as hanging banners and placards without permission. Accordingly, students who distribute leaflets without permission will be reprimanded.