Turkish TV series draw great interest in Israel

Turkish TV series draw great interest in Israel

TEL AVIV- Anadolu Agency
Turkish TV series draw great interest in Israel

Turkish TV series have drawn great interest in Israel in recent times, Israeli media reported.          

Israeli daily Haaretz used the headline "The Turks Are Back, and They've Got All of Israel Addicted” in an article about the popularity of the Turkish TV series in the country.         

"Many Israelis have already traveled to some show's sets in the desperate hope of obtaining a selfie with the actors of the series,” she said.         

Tourism agencies organize tours to which Israelis show great interest to have a chance to see the sets.      

There are tens of thousands of followers of fan pages that are set up on social media for Turkish TV series.

Khen Elmaleh, a journalist in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, believes that Turkish TV series have a universal language.         

“Although Hebrew and Turkish are very different languages, I think that the universal cultural language is the same between the two societies,” Elmaleh said.         

“In the 1990s it was a very popular trend to go on holiday to Turkey from Israel. It has become popular again in recent times,” Elmaleh said.         

Elmaleh added that Turkish cuisine along with Turkish TV series has an important role in this new trend.    

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