Turkish traffic cop, stray dog become best friends

Turkish traffic cop, stray dog become best friends

Turkish traffic cop, stray dog become best friends

Over the last year, a Turkish traffic cop and a loyal stray dog have become the best of friends, staying side by side day after day, through both sickness and health.

Halis Arslan, a traffic cop who has served at the same intersection in the Black Sea city of Sinop for over a dozen years, met Köpük (Foam) over a year ago while on duty.

After he started to give food and water to the friendly canine, Arslan and Köpük became fast friends.

The stray dog stays at the traffic officer's side throughout the workday, a heartwarming sight that has not escaped the attention of locals.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Arslan said Köpük waits for him at his parking spot every morning.

Telling how he always feeds Köpük during the day, Arslan says he makes sure the dog is safe even though he cannot leave his local beat.

When Köpük recently fell ill, said Arslan, “we placed him with a shelter and made sure he was well treated," but later discovered that while there he had refused to eat anything for four days.

"I got really upset and asked the shelter to send Köpük back to me,” he explained.

“He had lost a lot weight when he arrived, but now he’s better and we’re back on duty together."