Turkish teacher to be investigated for slapping student

Turkish teacher to be investigated for slapping student

Turkish teacher to be investigated for slapping student

A video showing a Turkish teacher mercilessly slapping her student in front of his classmates in the Black Sea province of Samsun has stirred a debate, daily Habertürk reported on Dec. 27.

The teacher slapped her student numerous times while he was down on his knees, according to the video, which was recorded by the victim’s classmate.

The incident occurred in a high school in Samsun’s Tekkeköy district.

The teacher became angry when her student had not been paying attention to the lesson. She called him to the front of the board and forced him to kneel down. The teacher then proceeded to slap him numerous times, humiliating him in front of the class.

Following the incident, the video had emerged over social media and had been shared by Turkish social media users.

The father of the student who recorded the video said he had been threatened by the school principal, who had told him his son would be expelled from the school if he did not delete the video.

“I do not think my son did something bad. We send our children to school with confidence. A video of a teacher slapping a student in class is not something nice. It is not right for the teacher who had slapped the student to be able to continue working at the same school. It has been a week since the incident, yet she has continued her position teaching for a week,” he said.

Meanwhile, an investigation has reportedly begun on the teacher by the Provincial Directorate of the Education Ministry.