Turkish radio station closed down in Greece

Turkish radio station closed down in Greece

EDİRNE - Anatolia News Agency
A Turkish radio station broadcasting in Greece shut down due to the economic turmoil in the debt-ridden western neighbor of Turkey.

“We have closed down our radio station on Dec. 31, 2011, as our [Turkish] people who live in western Thrace were notably affected by the economic crisis and couldn’t continue advertising and costs surpassed revenues,” said station owner Ramazan Ömer Recepoğlu.

Turkish radio station Tele Radio FM was launched in April 1994 in the city of Xanthi, known as İskeçe in Turkey, in northeastern Greece. It was the first radio station to broadcast in the Turkish language in Greece. Broadcasts ended as the station was in serious financial distress and was finally beaten by the latest crisis in Greece, Recepoğlu said. The economic and financial crisis in Greece caused advertisement revenues, the sole source revenue of the radio station, to fall sharply, he added.

“We are thinking of starting the radio station again in the future if the economic situation improves.”