Turkish PM to launch new metro line in İstanbul

Turkish PM to launch new metro line in İstanbul

Turkish PM to launch new metro line in İstanbul

The test drive of the new metro train between Kadıköy and Kartal is done by the attendance of Istanbul Mayor Topbaş.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to be the first one to drive the new metro train between the Kadıköy and Kartal districts on Istanbul’s Asian side during the metro line’s opening ceremony, an Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality official said.

The recently constructed line marks “the biggest subway investment of the Turkish Republic” and will carry roughly 700,000 passengers per day, according to the municipality. The metro route will open today after undergoing construction for seven years.

The new metro line lies on 21.6 kilometers and will service 16 stations. The journey time from Kadıköy to Kartal is 32 minutes, according to officials.

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş said his administration was determined to carry Istanbul and its residents into a future where traffic congestion fails to be a “suffering” problem. Topbaş also said the administration’s target was to transport 7 million passengers every day in 2016 by building 230 kilometers worth of railway system. The project budget was originally 1.6 billion dollars, but line of an additional three kilometers will be built to the Kaynarca district and the railway will become 24.5 kilometers. Topbaş said metro lines in Istanbul increased 128 percent during his term in an announcement in Turkey’s national newspapers yesterday.

Topbaş also pointed out that the Marmaray project and all metro lines will be integrated in 2013. “Two continents will come together in 2013 with the Istanbul metro. Our aim is to transport 5 million people every day with 230 kilometers railway and 7 million in 2016. The biggest reward for me will be seeing Istanbul residents using fast and comfy transportation,” he said.

Full integration of Istanbul’s mass transportation system will allow a passenger traveling from the Atatürk Airport on the European side of the city to reach the Kartal district on the Anatolian side in 81 minutes. According to plans set to be realized in 2013, passengers will be able to reach Taksim Square from Atatürk Airport in 43 to 45 minutes.

Transportation during the Eid

Istanbul’s municipality and transportation firms have taken the necessary measures to avoid possible traffic problems during the Şeker Bayram Holiday.

Turkish Airlines (THY) added 46 additional flights for the Bayram in domestic and international air travel. OnurAir also added 20 domestic flights, while Atlasjet put 10 more flights on their schedules. Atatürk International Airport administration has also taken the necessary measures to handle increased crowds over the holiday.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced a 50 percent discount in bus and metro ticket prices while Istanbul’s ferry firm İDO said it would increase its ferry services during the holiday. There will be 338 fast-ferries in the Marmara Sea a press release issued yesterday said, adding that this is a new record for the company.