Turkish PM says 'rebels' randomly shoot with choppers, jets

Turkish PM says 'rebels' randomly shoot with choppers, jets

Turkish PM says rebels randomly shoot with choppers, jets Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said in the early hours of July 16 that there were a group of rebels that took control of some helicopters and aircrafts and stroke randomly over Ankara and Istanbul as the country is underway a military coup attempt since the late hours of July 15.

Yıldırım told private broadcaster CNN Türk that there were “rebel units” in air bases in Ankara and Balıkesir and they were “conducting random air strikes and making great damage” in Ankara aNd Istanbul.

He said that he had given orders to the commander of air defense to “do what is necessary” regarding the choppers and jets.

Yıldırım said there are more than 130 people arrested due to the coup attempt and that a military officer ranked general was allegedly killed.

Yıldırım added that there was an attack on the Turkish parliament but the situation there was under control and parliamentarians from all four parties were in the parliament.