Turkish PM says international plot behind graft probe

Turkish PM says international plot behind graft probe

Turkish PM says international plot behind graft probe

Prime minister speaks at Samsun rally on Dec .21

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has dubbed the ongoing corruption investigation into a number of high-ranking government officials “an ill-intentioned move of local and foreign actors targeting the government.”

“This is an operation with international dimensions and local sub-contractors,” the prime minister said on Dec. 21, while addressing citizens during a rally in Samsun, the first stop of his Black Sea visit.

“This operation is a step taken against the government, but far from that it has international and national dimensions. We will not be afraid of them,” he said.

“We will give this dirty game away as we did during Gezi,” he added.

He also slammed jurists “for acting under control,” in investigating the corruption and bribery allegations made against over 50 suspects, including four Cabinet members and sons of three of them.

“They should not be offended but if they act upon guidance, we will do what falls to us as politicians, as we always did. Why are there politicians, legislation and executive organs in this country?,” he stated.

“A member of the judiciary cannot give orders or impose pressure. If you try to control jurisdiction by imposing all kinds of pressure on these people, we will do our part. This is what we do,” Erdoğan further said.