Turkish PM Davutoğlu suggests 'pro-freedom' presidential system

Turkish PM Davutoğlu suggests 'pro-freedom' presidential system

Turkish PM Davutoğlu suggests pro-freedom presidential system

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has described his presidential system as “pro-freedom, human-focused and based on the separation of powers,” while refuting claims that a change to the system would bolster one-man rule under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey.

“We will introduce through the new constitution a new understanding of governance based on productive power sharing, and a separation [of powers]. We will introduce the presidential system with the right perspective,” Davutoğlu told his parliamentary group March 31, a day after Erdoğan said he was satisfied with the drafted part of a Justice and Development Party (AKP) election manifesto about the adoption of the presidential system.

Erdoğan has made no secret about his desire for a presidential system that would leave him almost unfettered to run the country as he pleases.

Davutoğlu outlined more details on the shape of the presidential system the AKP will announce in its election manifesto, underlining the system as “human-focused and pro-freedom.” He also stressed the new administrative system would bring about effective power sharing, with a mechanism controlling the separation of power. “We will discuss it. But this system must function on a solid foundation,” he said.

The prime minister also refuted opposition claims that the presidential system would create authoritarian rule in the country. “Those who make it a personal issue are the opposition. If they have their own proposals, they should reveal them,” he said.

The current parliamentary system was ruined because of consecutive coups d’état and has become a complicated system, Davutoğlu said, stating that those who are against the presidential system today did not attempt to protect the parliamentary system in the past.

“We are preparing a contract for 2023. As the 1923 contract built the republic, the 2023 contract will lay the foundations of a new Turkey as a rising global power,” he said.