Turkish parliament passes new labor law on foreigners

Turkish parliament passes new labor law on foreigners

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Turkish parliament passes new labor law on foreigners

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Turkey’s parliament in Ankara has approved a new labor law concerning foreign citizens who wish to work, intern or apprentice inside the country, specifying the conditions under which foreigners will be allowed to have a work permit.

According to the International Labor Force Law approved on July 28, which aims to benefit from a qualified foreign labor force, foreigners will initially be given a work permit valid for one year. This period will then be extended with each renewed application.

Finally, those with long-term residence permits or work permits valid for at least eight years will be able to apply for permanent work permits.

The law suggests that those holding permanent work permits will be granted rights similar to those of Turkish citizens, except for the right to vote and be elected, work as a civil servant or the duty to perform military service.

Foreign students at Turkish universities would be allowed to work on condition that they get work permits from their employers.        

A “turquoise card” will be issued to those foreigners with high education degrees, occupational experience or the potential to contribute to science and technology, in line with the contributions they can offer to the country’s economy. A nomination from the International Labor Force Policy Advisory Board – which will also be founded under the new law - will be required in order to be considered for a turquoise card.

Card holders will go through a three-year testing period and enjoy an indefinite work permit. 

The law also foresees the establishment of a General Directorate of International Labor Force which will initially employ some 145 civil servants and be tasked with meeting foreign employment demands.