Turkish mint’s output reaches all-time record

Turkish mint’s output reaches all-time record

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Turkish mint’s gold output hit all-time record levels in 2013, despite the workers’ strike that continued for two months, more than doubling the previous year’s production.

The mint has manufactured a record amount of gold both in terms of quantity and weight by producing more than 27.7 million gold units, weighing around 98.8 tons.

As the total amount totaled 12.6 million in 2012, the mint has emerged to be able to double last year’s level.

The mint broke its all-time record in a bumpy year as the workers at the facility were on strike for 68 days.
The strike at the mint, which started on July 8, ended on Sept. 13 by a collective bargaining agreement that raised the base wage of mint workers to 2,371 Turkish Liras from 1,562 Turkish Liras ($835).

Turkish mint workers have been on strike at the General Directorate of the Mint and Stamp Printing House and its branches, in an attempt to increase their salary and improve working conditions.