Turkish man confesses to American wife’s murder

Turkish man confesses to American wife’s murder

Turkish man confesses to American wife’s murder

Esther Giovanna Parker S., a researcher on Turkish economy, and and Bora S., a hairdresser, had married two years ago

A Turkish man has confessed to the murder of his U.S. citizen wife, claiming she “provoked” him during an argument by saying she had an affair.

Economics researcher Esther Giovanna Parker S. was killed in her family villa in the popular resort of Bodrum in the south western Turkish province of Muğla four and a half months ago. Her husband, a hairdresser, Bora S., was arrested after the murder and confessed in his testimony in the Prosecutor’s Office, Doğan News Agency reported Aug. 26.

“She insulted me and said she had an affair. We started to grapple. I slapped her and she attacked me with a broken beer bottle,” Bora S. reportedly said.

The confession included more gruesome details about the murder. “I took a knife in my hand. I don’t remember clearly. But I saw my wife’s intestines leap out of her body. I put my son back to sleep. Then I dragged the body from the living to another room. I put a cushion under her head, covered her with a blanket and cleaned the blood stains, so that my son wouldn’t see them. I waited by the body until morning. Then my brother, who came from out of the city, called the gendarmerie,” he added.

Prosecutors filed a lawsuit in the Bodrum Heavy Penal Court against Bora S., requesting an aggravated life sentence.

The couple had married in a Bosphorus villa in Istanbul on June 21, 2012 before moving to Bodrum. The woman’s neck was broken after she was stabbed, according to the autopsy report.