Turkish journalist wanted on terrorism charges

Turkish journalist wanted on terrorism charges

Turkish journalist wanted on terrorism charges

Ekrem Dumanlı, the former editor-in-chief of daily Zaman.

An arrest warrant was issued for Ekrem Dumanlı, the former editor-in-chief of daily Zaman, on Sept. 18 for “attempting a coup” and “forming an organization with felonious intent,” it has emerged.

Dumanlı delivered instructions from U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen to members of the alleged “Fethullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ)/Parallel State Structure (PDY)” and molded public opinion in line with the organization, according to a prosecutor.

The prosecutor’s office accordingly requested Dumanlı’s detention on the charges. 

The whereabouts of Dumanlı have been unknown since Sept. 18, and he has not even used his cell phone for fear of detention and did not cast his vote in the Nov. 1 general elections, according to media reports. About 20 days after the arrest warrant was issued, Dumanlı announced his resignation on Oct. 5 due to “unlawful pressure on the press and his personality.”

Dumanlı’s lawyer Hasan Günaydın, however, said that he is not aware of any arrest warrant for his client.

Dumanlı wrote on his Twitter account on Nov. 9 that he had not been informed about the arrest warrant. 

“Pro-government media has reported that I have been wanted for 50 days. Why do I and my lawyers have no knowledge about that if I have sought for this long? The prosecutor’s office could have summoned me instead of violating the privacy of the investigation. I can see no goodwill nor justice in this investigation,” Dumanlı wrote.

In 2014, Dumanlı, along with several journalists, including Samayolu TV head Hidayet Karaca, was detained in a police operation on groups linked to Gülen. Eight suspects, including Dumanlı, were released while the court imposed a travel ban on him.