Turkish-German woman goes viral on social media

Turkish-German woman goes viral on social media

Turkish-German woman goes viral on social media

A Turkish-German woman has become famous on social media after a video of her greeting participants of May 1 demonstrations in Berlin from her balcony went viral.

Ayşe Şaşmaz, who has been living in Germany for 46 years with her husband, told Anadolu Agency she has received intense interest from the media and the public since the demonstrations.

“It was a sunny day, so I went out to the balcony. People gathered here because of May 1. I saw someone waving at me. I couldn’t quite recognize [them] because of the mask, but I thought he/she might be someone I know. I waved back,” she said.

“They then blew kisses. I blew kisses back. Then everyone around the square turned to me. I was joyful. My husband warned me to go back inside, but I continued,” she said.

She said her relatives in London, France and Turkey sent messages after seeing her on TV and social media, which made her very happy.

Şaşmaz also sent her regards to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

She said she loves the president and wishes him good health and happiness.

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