Turkish Energy Stock Market to be launched next week

Turkish Energy Stock Market to be launched next week

Turkish Energy Stock Market to be launched next week

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The brand-new Turkish Energy Stock Market (EPİAŞ) will be launched at the 21st International Energy, Environment Fair and Conference, ICCI 2015, to be held in Istanbul next week. 

EPİAŞ is designated to serve as the sole energy exchange of Turkey and will be integrated into Borsa Istanbul, the umbrella institution within which all the exchanges in Turkey operate.

It will begin trading in the electricity sector, including a wholesale market, emissions market and also financial settlement activities.

The launch of EPİAŞ will be held in a session called “EPİAŞ: Expectations, Targets, Priorities” with the participation of EPİAŞ head Hüseyin Savaş and other board members. Additionally, Fatih Birol, the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA), will deliver a speech at the conference.

According to an announcement in March, 30 percent of EPİAŞ shares, dubbed “Group A,” were dedicated to state-run Türkiye Elektrik İletim AŞ, which is in charge of carrying power to grid companies from power stations. Another 30 percent went to Borsa Istanbul, the Istanbul stock exchange. The remaining 40 percent of “Group C” shares were distributed to private companies. 

A total of 114 companies made bids to acquire shares in the company, the head of the country’s energy watchdog announced.

Energy Market Regulation Board (EPDK) Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz said in September last year that 114 electricity and natural gas companies that want to own stakes in EPİAŞ had applied to the EPDK.

There will be four special presentations and 36 sessions during the ICCI 2015 conference, which starts on May 6 and ends on May 8. 

Around 450 international energy companies from 53 countries including America, China, the Netherlands, India and Germany will meet at the conference, which is supported by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. 

Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız will also attend, along with other actors in the energy sector and representatives from universities and non-governmental organizations.