Turkish doctors perform kidney surgery on fetus

Turkish doctors perform kidney surgery on fetus

KONYA – Anadolu Agency
Turkish doctors perform kidney surgery on fetus

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Doctors in the Turkish province of Konya have conducted a kidney operation on a four-month-old fetus still in the womb of its mother, in a rare and remarkable medical operation.

Following the surgery late last month, both 18-year-old mother Rukiye Akış and her unnamed unborn baby are recovering well.

Rukiye learned that she was pregnant in December, but joy turned sour when doctors told her and husband Musa, 24, them the fetus had kidney disease.

Professor Ali Acar, who led the medical team that conducted the operation at Konya’s Necmettin Erbakan University, told reporters that the four-month-old’s bladder was swollen and the amniotic fluid - protective liquid that helps the fetus grow in the womb - was depleted.

“It was a difficult operation because of the fetus’ prenatal condition and its growth. The bladder and kidneys were swelling with water because the urinary tract was blocked,” Acar said.

The fetus weighed just 400 grams and was 20 cm tall when the operation took place.

If left untreated, the condition would have lead to kidney failure and either necessitate abortion or result in the baby being born with a kidney impairment, Acar added.

The young couple and parents-to-be said they were looking forward to welcoming their baby to the world safe and sound.