Turkish daily Habertürk decides to end print edition

Turkish daily Habertürk decides to end print edition

Turkish daily Habertürk decides to end print edition

Habertürk, one of Turkey’s largest circulation newspapers, has decided to end its print edition citing lower sales and higher costs.

The final edition of the newspaper, which was first launched in March 2009, will be published on July 6.

Ciner Group owns Habertürk as wells as a number of other media outlets including the broadcasters Bloomberg HT, Show TV and Habertürk TV.

Habertürk has reportedly been struggling with financial issues for some time and has been forced to close printing facilities and offices in Anatolia.

“The cost of publishing newspaper has become unbearable at a time when advertisements are mainly channeled into digital media outlets and broadcasters,” Mehmet Kenan Tekdağ, chair of the board of directors of Ciner Yayin Holding, reportedly said in a message to Habertürk employees.

“Over the past five years, the circulation of Turkish newspapers and their share in advertisement revenues have been steadily declining while printing costs have been rising. Internet platforms have become more easily accessible and the share of TV channels in advertisement revenues has also increased,” Tekdağ added.

He stated that Habertürk will now focus on its online operations.

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