Turkish Cyprus tightens measures after spike in cases

Turkish Cyprus tightens measures after spike in cases

Turkish Cyprus tightens measures after spike in cases

Turkish Cypriot authorities temporarily halted inbound flights to the country following a sudden increase in the number of positive cases, citing inadequate quarantine space for arriving passengers.

The arrangement will stay in effect until Sept. 13 and emergency flights, military and ambulance aircraft are exempted from the decision, according to Turkish Cypriot media.

The decision was taken keeping in mind the registration and opening period of universities as those going to Turkish Cyprus would fill all dormitories and hotels reserved for quarantine.

Turkish Cypriot authorities require people arriving from category B countries, such as Turkey, to quarantine for seven days and people from category C countries for 14 days.

Around 400 to 450 people are only in hotels as of Sept. 8, according to country’s foreign minister, Kudret Özersay.

The authorities tightened the measures in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus as the country has seen a steep rise in cases over the past few days.

On Sept. 8, some 38 new cases were announced, the highest daily figure so far, with 15 of them being local and 19 being contacts of people who already tested positive and are in quarantine.

Activities of entertainment venues, birthday parties, circumcision or religious ceremonies and mass worship were prohibited until Oct. 1 in line with the new measures.