Turkish Cyprus FM suggests cooperation instead of federation

Turkish Cyprus FM suggests cooperation instead of federation

Turkish Cyprus FM suggests cooperation instead of federation

Turkish Cyprus Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay gave an interview to the Greek Kathimerini Newspaper’s Cyprus edition published on Dec. 23 regarding the latest developments on the island.

Özersay stated that although the Greek Cypriot side claimed that it supported a comprehensive solution due to the steps that it has taken it has shown that it is not sincere, according to Turkish Cypriot media. 

Responding to a question regarding the issue of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), he stated that the UAVs were reverted to the areas in the Eastern Mediterranean where exploration and drilling activities were being carried out adding that this operation will be activated in the new period.

“24 hour tracking was problematic in the past due to the distance factor. Therefore, we gave authorization for the use of the Turkish Cyprus airport for the operation to be more effective” Özersay said adding that in this way the situation was balanced in the region.

Reminding that military aircrafts had landed to the Geçitkale Airport in the past, he said if required the TRNC with all its capacity will cooperate with Turkey.

Stressing that Turkey was an ally and a strategic partner of the Turkish Cyprus, Özersay cited the Greek Cypriot side’s cooperation with the US and France for the use of its ports.

Responding to another question regarding the Green Line Regulation, he reminded that there was a regulation which had been in practice since 2004 and had an EU framework.

“Today we see that the Greek Cypriot side is trying to change some articles regarding the practice. They haven’t started this process yet. However, if they do and try to prevent those who arrive on the island through Larnaca Airport to pass to the Turkish Cyprus, in other words if they try to suffocate the Turkish Cypriots economically then this will have negative effects on relations between the two peoples. Should we consider retaliatory action?” Özersay said.

Turkey deploys unmanned aerial vehicles to Turkish Cyprus
Turkey deploys unmanned aerial vehicles to Turkish Cyprus

Noting that currently there was no negotiations process on the island, Özersay said it was not possible to reach anywhere without discussing the reasons why a comprehensive solution had not been reached.

Expressing the belief that the problem was not about federation, he said this system which was in practice in different regions could have positive results for Cyprus however noted that conditions for a federation did not exist in Cyprus.

“Both sides do not trust each other. One of the sides does not want to share the power and richness. The federation culture does not exist. Since the necessary conditions for a federation do not exist, then through current conditions let’s start with cooperation. Let’s build a partnership from bottom to top. For example, let’s cooperate on illegal migration, international terror” Özersay said.

Stressing that he was mentioning a partnership based on cooperation, he said he was proposing a bottom to top, evolutionary approach.

“We can start with three issues and then this would become 13. We can build trust this way and this can gradually change to a partnership. Let’s not decide from today whether this partnership will evolve to a federation, confederation or a two-state solution after 10 or 15 years” Özersay said.

Reminding that the superpowers were playing their games on the natural gas issue in the region, he said the step taken by the US on arms embargo was an indication that we were in the centre of a major conflict.

“If we do not want to be a pawn then we should cooperate. Otherwise, we will end up as figurants” Özersay noted.

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