Turkish couple to divorce over 'rummikub' crisis after 23 years

Turkish couple to divorce over 'rummikub' crisis after 23 years

Turkish couple to divorce over rummikub crisis after 23 years

A couple in Istanbul who were married for 23 years will divorce due to a “rummikubcrisis, with the husband accusing his wife of being addicted to the game.

The husband filed a divorce case demanding 50,000 Turkish Liras in immaterial compensation, saying his wife was addicted to playing rummikub, known as “Okey” in Turkey, via Facebook.

“She talks with other players while playing the game on Facebook. She showed unfaithfulness. I was insulted,” he stated in his petition.

The woman rejected the claims.

“Playing rummikub is not an act of unfaithfulness. I have not played it for at least two years anyway,” she said.

The woman demanded a rejection of his husband’s divorce case and also demanded 100,000 Turkish liras for non-pecuniary damages and guardianship of their children, saying she was “humiliated by her husband.”

The court is now expected to announce the date of the first hearing of the trial.