Turkish companies sail to Greek shipping fair

Turkish companies sail to Greek shipping fair

ATHENS – Anadolu Agency
Turkish companies sail to Greek shipping fair A total of 45 Turkish companies attended an international shipping fair in the Greek capital of Athens last week.

The international shipping show, Posidonia 2016, is held every two years in Greece, the holder of the second largest commercial fleet in the European Union and one of the largest in the world.      

The unfavorable conditions of the Greek economy of late have reportedly not been an obstacle for Turkish businessmen in the shipping Industry, Pamir Özer and Kassapi Anna Maria, managers at the newly established office in Athens of the Istanbul Ship Supplier Marketing and Trading CO. Ltd, told Anadolu Agency. 

“We see this as a big opportunity; the Greek market is promising we think and this is why we decided to open up a branch of our mother company in Athens,” Özer said. 

Nikolaos Syrios, a Greek national living and working in Istanbul, said he saw Greek-Turkish cooperation in the shipping industry as promising.        

“The common ‘lake’ we have, which is the Aegean Sea, helps the two countries to come even closer when it comes to the shipping industry,” he said.       

 “The crisis has somehow helped the two countries come closer, as several Turkish companies have shown interest in Greek marinas,” he added.

 “Turkish shipping companies employ several Greeks because of their long experience in the market and their know-how of the industry,” he said.      

 “It is estimated that around 120 Greek ships visit the Turkish shipyards per year. Something that is positive for the Turkish market but unfortunate for the Greek. However, the circumstances have forced the Greek ship owners to do so,” he concluded.
According to the event organizers, participation in Posidonia 2016 increased 14 percent over two years ago. The event recorded a total 22,000 visiting professionals and 1,800 exhibitors from 90 countries.