Turkish children hide stray dogs from municipal police

Turkish children hide stray dogs from municipal police

Turkish children hide stray dogs from municipal police A number of children in the Hadımköy district of Istanbul’s Arnavutköy municipality have hidden local stray dogs from municipal police officers out of fear the animals would be taken away and euthanized.

The Arnavutköy Municipality allegedly continues to collect stray dogs which had previously been vaccinated and neutered or spayed even though it was forbidden, reported daily Sözcü. 

The residents of the district claimed the municipality loads stray dogs onto trucks and takes them to unknown places after drugging them with needles, implying that the municipal police was euthanizing the animals. 

The tension in the neighborhood rose as municipal police officers allegedly killed a dog by giving it an injection without veterinary observation. 

A number of local children reacted to the situation and collaborated against municipal officials by hiding the dead dog to prove the police had committed an illegal act. The children held hands and formed a barrier in front of municipal trucks to prevent them from passing and also reportedly hid stray dogs in their houses and basements. 

The municipal police complained about the children to their parents, but did receive the reaction they had expected, as the parents supported their children’s opposition. 

A resident in the neighborhood recorded an argument between parents and the police on a cell phone. 

Members of animal rights associations joined the protest later and also held hands with the children. 
The protesters placed a legal complaint against the municipal police.