Turkish chains eyeing to open branches abroad

Turkish chains eyeing to open branches abroad

Turkish chains eyeing to open branches abroad

With an aim to establish their local success on institutionalization in international arena, famous Turkish food and beverage chains have rolled up their sleeves to open new branches abroad and flourish Turkish cuisine globally.

“The number of restaurant chains targeting to expand overseas has risen by 100 percent compared to last year, and we support them,” said Ramazan Bingöl, the head of All Restaurants and Tourism Professionals Association (TÜRES).

The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has not ended entirely worldwide. But, the easing of measures and the decline in numbers of infection cases have reminded Turkish restaurant trademarks to “reconsider their investment plans abroad,” with “Happy Moon’s” being one of them.

According to its official website, the restaurant chain aims to open more than 20 restaurants abroad. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt are its target countries in the Middle East. The company eyes Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Chechya and Hungary as new countries to invest in the eastern Europe. Nine restaurants in seven U.S. states are other targets of the company.

“This fall, we will open our first branch abroad in London. We will also open 15 restaurants in Turkey. We have not seen this year’s economic growth in our 20 years of business,” said Hüseyin Aymutlu, the head of the Happy Moon’s Group.

The Develi Group has turned its eye especially on the Arab countries. “Turkey has especially been making efforts in the field of gastronomy in the latest years,” Develi Group board memeber Nuri Develi said, adding that “the interest of people in the Arab countries on Turkish cuisine is growing day by day.”

“The representation of Turkish cuisine abroad is a positive move,” expressed Mustafa Ağbulut, the brand manager of the Köşebaşı Group.

The restaurant chains firstly aim the Gulf states “but the situation may change in the future with more investments in other regions of the world,” he added.

When asked which country the restaurant owners are targeting mostly apart from the Arab countries, Bingöl pointed out “Britain.”

“Doyuyo!” which is one of the leading new fast food brands in the country, also has plans for expanding its business abroad.

“We will open restaurants in London and Dubai. The meetings and negotiations are ongoing,” underlined Mustafa Kaya, the founder of “Doyuyo!”

He also highlighted two important reasons why Turkish brands firstly prefer the Gulf states.

“Costs are cheap, while profitability is high,” he said.

Barış Tansever, the owner of Sunset restaurant, expressed that “abroad is an opportunity,” while Gamze Cizreli, the founder of Big Chefs, said “opening a restaurant outside of Turkey must be seen as a service export.”

“There is huge demand for service sector as we near the pandemic,” Cizreli said. “We sent all the equipment and furniture to our seven restaurants abroad from Turkey.”

The company already has 76 branches. “We will open 12 more in Turkey and four more overseas this year,” Cizreli proudly said.