Turkish baby born with two lower teeth

Turkish baby born with two lower teeth

NEVŞEHİR – Anadolu Agency
Turkish baby born with two lower teeth

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A baby was born in central Turkey with two lower teeth overnight on May 3, leaving the newborn’s parents both stunned and concerned.   

The baby boy, named Miraç, came into the world in the Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, bordering the scenic Cappadocia region, weighing 2.6 kilograms and measuring 48 centimeters, pediatrician Dr. Zeynep İbişoğlu told reporters.   

“He is healthy,” said Dr. İbişoğlu, adding that newborns with teeth were rare and the teeth should be pulled out as they could cause problems, such as with breastfeeding.   

“If they aren’t pulled out, they could pass through the trachea and kill the baby,” the doctor warned.

The baby’s mother, Nazife Kiyga, described her great surprise and concern. 

“We are very astonished and a bit scared. His father was also astonished when he first saw them, but we were relieved when we were told that he’s in good health,” she said.   

The doctor said the baby’s teeth would be pulled out after a health check at the hospital.