Turkey’s top religious figure praises Denmark

Turkey’s top religious figure praises Denmark

COPENHAGEN - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate head said yesterday it was wrong to associate Denmark only with the caricature crisis, praising the country for hosting many immigrants.

Mehmet Görmez met with Turkish association leaders at the Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation building in Copenhagen yesterday. 

Referring to crisis over Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard’s caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, Görmez said it was not right to think only of one caricature instead of Denmark’s rich historical culture and its hosting of many immigrants from Afghanistan to Somalia. It is wrong to label a whole country with a wrong that is done by only one person, he added. 

Marking Prophet’s birth

Discussing the recent increase in hate crimes, Görmez said: “our civilization does not respond to hatred with hate.” The reason of his visit was to mark the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, and Görmez said the subject of celebrations for the Prophet Muhammad’s birth this year would be “brotherhood.”

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