Turkey’s top business body calls on parties to form coalition

Turkey’s top business body calls on parties to form coalition

Turkey’s top business body calls on parties to form coalition

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Turkey’s top business body head has called on political parties to form a coalition government as soon as possible, as the country should not waste time making economic reforms and increasing its growth figures.

“Economic reforms should be implemented as immediately as possible, and growth should be accelerated, so no time should be wasted,” said Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) head Canan Başaran Symes during a live show on private broadcaster CNNTürk on July 12, adding that the answer was the formation of a coalition government. 

“Rather than looking at the shape or who will be inside the government, we look at its scope and power. Naturally, the two biggest parties, also supported in a mathematical way, will be stronger. We believe that this government should open the basic points of Turkey’s investment environment and support qualified growth,” said Başaran Symes, referring to a possible government formation between the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and People’s Republican Party (CHP), who respectively received the most votes in the June 7 parliamentary elections. 

Başaran Symes said that as TÜSİAD, they were excited and looking forward to working with the new coalition government. 

“We are hopeful for a coalition. Isn’t it too early for debates on snap elections? … The red lines [of the parties to form a coalition] are not as hard as to not be surpassed to form a government on common grounds,” said Başaran Symes. 

Stating that there was no such thing as being scared of a coalition government, the TÜSİAD head said benefits could emerge from such a formation, adding that such a government should have Turkey’s interests at heart.

Başaran Symes also said Turkey’s current 3 percent growth rate would put the country in a difficult situation. 

“We have been stuck at around 3 percent in growth. We have a young population and today’s unemployment rate corresponds to a 5 percent growth. Therefore, a 3 percent growth would jeopardize Turkey,” she said, adding that Turkey should focus on education for structural reforms.  

Başaran Symes said as TÜSİAD’s board they were putting all their effort into making better things for Turkey, while also wanting to be mentioned with the work they conduct. 

“We can make better works if we, as civil society organizations, work together with politicians. There would be no benefit from works that we would conduct on our own,” she said. 

“We will not keep quiet for the things we know are right,” Başaran Symes said. “It is a responsibility to tell the truth; I believe it is not a matter of courage.”