Turkey's 'superstar' Ajda Pekkan visits Parliament to promote animal rights

Turkey's 'superstar' Ajda Pekkan visits Parliament to promote animal rights

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Turkeys superstar Ajda Pekkan visits Parliament to promote animal rights

One of Turkey's most beloved singers for generations, Ajda Pekkan is also a fervent activist on animal rights. DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin SÖNMEZ

Accustomed to receiving politicians and bureaucrats, the Turkish Parliament welcomed today one of the most glamorous and flamboyant figures in the country, ageless pop "superstar" Ajda Pekkan. A fervent animal rights activist, Pekkan took the floor at Parliament to promote her campaign to collect restaurant food waste and bring it to animal shelters.

The superstar, who makes only rare public appearances, expressed her gratitude that Parliament had supported the campaign. "Not only for the support, but because they actually implemented it. These are very nice changes," Pekkan said.

Around 8,000 meals are prepared every day at Parliament's restaurant, which has contributed to the campaign for eight months. Small notes are put on each table reminding the personnel to not leave napkins or toothpicks on their plates.

However Pekkan was much more critical about the tone of rows in the Parliamentary Assembly, particularly the insults and swearing that had marked parliamentary sessions last week. "It's not pleasant and elegant at all. Everybody can have an outburst, I could understand that. But [deputies] should have [some composure]," she said.

Pekkan also said she supported the artists chosen for the Wise Persons' Commission, which is traveling across Turkey to seek support for the ongoing peace process with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), even though she added that she would not wish to participate. "Perhaps Turkey needs such a group and such people. But I would prefer to stay a little bit more distant. I am very affected by everything in our country, both positive and negative," she said.