Turkey’s new political party may be named ‘Center Democrat Party’

Turkey’s new political party may be named ‘Center Democrat Party’

Turkey’s new political party may be named ‘Center Democrat Party’

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The name of a new political party that is in its foundation stage may be named “Center Democrat Party,” according to a former Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) lawmaker. 

Koray Aydın, who resigned from the party on Aug. 22 and announced his allegiance to a group of MPs who had renegaded from the MHP, said that the party will feature leftists, conservatives, nationalists, liberals and so on.

“Efforts regarding the party name are ongoing. There is work on the ‘Center Democrat Party’ emblem,” Aydın told private broadcaster Habertürk late on Aug. 28, as he added that the founding board will include names well-known in their areas. 

Several MHP lawmakers had resigned or were dismissed after the MHP formed an alliance with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for a constitutional amendment that would grant sweeping powers to the president. 

Among those names was Meral Akşener, who had been leading the dissident movement within the MHP before transforming the opposition into establishing a new party.

During his interview, Aydın said that people love Meral Akşener and that they will receive votes from all parties. 

“There must be a softening in politics and a woman’s hand should touch it. The most wearisome group is the AKP voters. Meral’s hand will relax politics. A softening takes place in all areas touched by a woman,” Aydın said, adding that the new party may be founded by October. 

“I thought I would have a hard time. I am surprised at the turn out of people flocking to take on duties. I see signs especially from the east and southeast of people taking on the work [for the party] and this makes me happy in terms of the future of my country,” he said. 

Saying that people will see the party is “a new one when the founding members are announced,” Aydın noted that “it’s not the follow-up of a party,” referring to the MHP. 

“We may be leading it, but when the foundation board is announced, people will see that individuals from all parts of society are involved. There will be Alevis, Sunnis, leftists, rightists, nationalists, conservatives, liberals and so on. We will provide the Turkish people with a cadre that will govern Turkey,” he added.