Turkey’s Justice Ministry readies plan for prisoners’ release

Turkey’s Justice Ministry readies plan for prisoners’ release

Oya Armutçu - ANKARA
Turkey’s Justice Ministry readies plan for prisoners’ release

The Justice Ministry has prepared a plan that is designed to oversee the release of some 90,000 inmates from the country’s prisons under a bill, which seeks making amendments in the criminal execution law.

The bill, which was recently submitted to parliament, is part of the wider measures the government has taken in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Prisoners, who will be released from penitentiaries, have already been given instructions regarding hygiene rules and precautions they need to take against the coronavirus.

Under the ministry’s release plan, inmates will be issued special travel permits to avoid transport restrictions. Their travel plans will be prepared by prison authorities ahead of their release.

They will be required to observe social distancing rules in an orderly manner, and they will be distributed protective face masks as well as gloves while leaving the facilities. Inmates will leave prisons on buses on their expense.

Convicts in open prisons will be able to serve their time at house arrest for two months, during the coronavirus pandemic. They are required to provide the authorities with a relevant address where they will be staying during this period. Inmates are not allowed to leave the given address.

If the outbreak does not subside within two months, the house arrest period will be extended for three times, two months each time. If this scenario materializes, convicts will remain outside until November 2020.

Detention warrants will be issued for convicts who fail to return to prison after house arrest.