Turkey’s gas imports up 15.2 percent in October

Turkey’s gas imports up 15.2 percent in October

Turkey’s gas imports up 15.2 percent in October

Turkey’s natural gas imports rose by 15.2 percent in October to 4.65 billion cubic meters on an annual basis, according to a report released by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) on Dec. 28. 

While imports from Russia and Azerbaijan fell by 8.8 percent and 30.9 percent, respectively, natural gas imports from the United States skyrocketed by 748 percent.

In October, the country imported 3.02 bcm of natural gas via pipelines, while 1.63 million cubic meters (mcm) was purchased as liquefied natural gas (LNG), EMRA’s data showed.

Pipeline imports dropped by 6.9 percent, while LNG imports rose by 105.5 percent in October.

Russia was Turkey’s top gas import destination, supplying 1.86 bcm of natural gas while the U.S. and Azerbaijan followed with 838 mcm and 762 mcm, respectively.

Turkey’s total gas consumption also increased by 23.5 percent to approximately 4.42 bcm compared to the same month of 2020. Household consumption grew by 31.5 percent to 505 mcm, while the use of gas in power plants increased by 24.2 percent to 1.80 bcm during the same period.

Consumption growth in natural gas power plants, which generated more electricity due to drought and lower hydro capacity over the last few months, continues to boost imports.

The natural gas volume in storage in October decreased by 15.9 percent to around 2.74 bcm compared to about 3.25 bcm in September last year.

In recent years, Turkey imported around 45 billion cubic meters of natural per year paying approximately $12 billion. This year, total natural gas consumption in Turkey is expected to hit 60 billion cubic meters.