Turkey's fishery production down in 2020

Turkey's fishery production down in 2020

Turkeys fishery production down in 2020

Fishery production in Turkey posted a 6.1% decline last year on an annual basis, the country's statistical authority said on June 4. 

The fishery production totaled 785,811 tons in 2020, according to TÜİK figures.

The total fishery production comprised 37.1% caught sea fish, 5% other sea products, 4.2% inland water products, and 53.6% aquaculture products, it noted.

The production made by capture was 364,400 tons - down by 23.2% - while aquaculture production was 421,411 tons - up by 4.8%.

Among the sea fish, the highest amount was anchovy with 171,253 tons, followed by sprat with 26,804 tons, and Atlantic bonito with 22,743 tons.

The institute added that the most important type produced at the inland waters was trout with 127,905 tons, the most important types produced at the sea were sea bass with 148,907 tons and sea bream with 109,749 tons.