Turkey’s first Roma TV channel to start test broadcast

Turkey’s first Roma TV channel to start test broadcast

KOCAELİ – Anadolu Agency
Turkey’s first Roma TV channel to start test broadcast

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Turkey’s first TV channel aimed at Roma people is set to start a test broadcast on Nov. 20 in a bid to help the community’s voice be heard both nationally and internationally.

The channel will broadcast in both Turkish and Romany.

Set up in cooperation with Turkey’s Roma Confederation, Roman TV aims to open a significant window in the Roma community’s ability to truly express themselves, Ahmet Çokyaşar, the head of the confederation, said.

“Roman TV, which will start a test broadcast on Nov. 20, will be able to stand against discrimination and racism in Turkey and say that all ethnic identities are brothers by following a broadcasting policy in line with our country’s national interests,” Çokyaşar said, adding the channel will broadcast programs intending to raise the consciousness of Roma people as well as debate, women, talent and educational programs.

Roman TV will reach people living in different parts of the world via satellite within five or six months after its first test broadcast on the internet in the studios set in the Ümraniye district of Istanbul, Çokyaşar said.

The channel will also provide a bursary for Roma children with the participation of celebrated Roma artists in the programs.

Roman TV is not the first initiation to target the Roma audience in Turkey. In 2014, Turkey’s first Roma newspaper, called “Gazetem 8 Nisan” (My paper April 8), was published by the İzmir Roma Association enterprise.