Turkey's Central Bank cuts interest rates

Turkey's Central Bank cuts interest rates

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Turkeys Central Bank cuts interest rates

The Central Bank of Turkey (CBRT) on Oct. 24 cut its one-week repo rate by 250 basis points.

The bank's policy rate, also known as one-week repo auction rate, has been revised to 14%, down from 16.50%.

The decision was above market expectations.

A group of economists polled by Anadolu Agency on Oct. 21 expected an average drop of 100 basis points in one-week repo rate.

Economists expect fall in interest rates
Economists expect fall in interest rates

The bank said the improvement in inflation expectations and mild domestic demand conditions supported the disinflation in core indicators.

Turkey's annual inflation rate dropped to single digits for the first time since July 2017, standing at 9.26% in September, according to Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

Domestic demand conditions and the level of monetary tightness continue to support disinflation, the bank said.

It stated that inflation is likely to materialize notably below the projections in its latest inflation report by the end of this year.

The bank forecast the year-end annual inflation to reach 13.9% in the Inflation Report 2019-III revealed on July 31.

"..the current monetary policy stance, to a large part, is considered to be consistent with the projected disinflation path," the bank said.

It added that a cautious monetary stance should be continued to keep the disinflation process in track with the targeted path.